DG/Chairperson Message

I took over as Chairperson of the prestigious UP Police Recruitment and Promotion Board on 15th June 2023. This is my third stint in the Board having served as DIG as well as ADG earlier and I feel extremely privileged to return to an organization that I helped conceive and build from its inception 15 years ago, on 2nd December 2008.

The UP Model of TRP (Transparent Recruitment Process) was lauded by the then Union Home Minister of India in a letter sent to all States where he exhorted all States to follow the UP TRP Model by linking the adoption of TRP to the release of modernization grant by the Centre. I am happy to report that TRP is being emulated across the country since our first successful TRP based recruitment against 35000 vacancies. The Board has since maintained its stature as a premier organization, committed toward upholding the highest ideals of integrity, objectivity. transparency, impartiality, merit and expediency, in both, recruitment as well as promotion of police personnel.

In the past 15 years, the Board has overcome many challenges and has drawn invaluable learning from each one of them. I have spent the past couple of months in working with an extremely dedicated team at the Board to set about systematizing the work flow and attempting to place all our pending work into an assembly line so as to enable seamless and simultaneous functioning of the processes related to recruitment as well as promotion. Our attempt, henceforth, will be to work towards an annual calendar of regular recruitment so that candidates interested in applying for police posts can prepare well in advance for their examinations.

The Board is now on social media and has launched its own Twitter Handle UPPRPB with the intention of not only providing authentic information to candidates but also as a forum for candidates to raise their concerns, queries and offer useful suggestions toward the betterment of the process.

The recruitment procedures designed by the Board are candidate-centric with focus on transparency and resolution of concerns of candidates at every stage of the recruitment.

We are considering OTR (One Time Registration) for the benefit of the candidates who apply for multiple posts and are at present required to upload their documents and information each time for every post. OTR will enable one time entry of data and upload of documents and those registered will receive a notification whenever vacancies are advertised. If eligibility criteria is met, the system will automatically direct the candidate to apply through the payment gateway. This system proposes to save much time and effort of candidates, especially those whose access to cyber cafes might be limited and repeated applications might result in the inadvertent entry of incorrect data or upload of incorrect documents.

We are also in the final stages of rolling out UPPRPB Version 2.0 with the use of more advanced technology to ensure that unscrupulous candidates who attempt to dent the purity of the system by using unfair means, false identities, false documentation or investing in proxy solvers, are blocked or weeded out. Needless to say, criminal prosecution also follows for such candidates and their abettors.

We are committed to put our best foot forward in tandem with the Govt. policy of zero tolerance toward corruption, ensuring that candidates are able to join the police to serve the nation, purely based on their hard work and merit.

We understand the onerous responsibility we bear and take strength from the trust placed in each one of us as individual officers and as the UP Police Recruitment and Promotion Board as a whole.

On behalf of the Board, I invite you to support us in our earnest endeavor, not only as candidates willing to work hard with single minded devotion towards the objective of joining UP police while never compromising on integrity but also coming forward to serve as whistle blowers to ensure that those who attempt to beat the system are unsuccessful in their efforts.

I wish all prospective and serving police officers good health and the very best of luck.

Renuka Mishra